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As a world wide distributor of supplies we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get all the materials.


With our diverse experience and connection with customers, SES Smart Energy Solutions have been requested on multiple occasions to provide water related solutions, especially for those operating in remote sites.

Through collaborations with subject matter experts and leaders within the industry of liquids both water and sewage, we are introducing packaged solutions including their operation and maintenance, servicing and spare parts.

SES Smart Box- Air2water

Key Benefits

Plug & Play

Easy deploy & install with SES package

Scalable Solutions

Fast Mobilization | Short/Long Term Projects

Advanced Technologies

Smart monitoring diagnostics sensors

Flexible Durations

Fast mobilization | Long Term Projects

Reverse Osmosis Plant

In partnership with technology experts, SES Smart Energy Solutions is capitalizing on its installed base, existing facility, customers and market knowledge to bring water solutions to its customers across key territories.

Through specialists in the environmental, water and wastewater matters, SES Smart Energy Solutions and its partners, we engage early in the project to define the needs and ensure we are providing through proper planning, design, construction, installation, and operations, the more reliable water related solution.

With focus on seawater in specific, we have built a large database of satisfied customers across the region. Thanks to our packaging, we provide:

AirToWater Units

At SES Smart Energy Solutions, we always understood that water is essential for life, as it goes hand in hand with our core energy offerings. Through partnerships with industry experts, we have introduced the modular Air to Water solution, allowing for capturing water from air, treating it, storing it and ensuring it becomes a drinkable option.

Through our energy solutions and SMART BOX, we are now capable to install the AirWater units in containers, powered by solar and battery storage system, allowing for a unique drinking water experience anywhere without the need to waste money on bottles or infrastructure.

With a focus on sustainability, our Solar Powered AirWater containerized system is breaking the carbon barriers and reducing the carbon footprint across all the facilities we have placed our units including our own facilities.

Sewage Treatment Plant

In partnership with technology experts, SES Smart Energy Solutions is capitalizing on its installed base, existing facility, customers and market knowledge to bring sewage treatment solutions to its customers across key territories.

By smartly treating the physical, chemical and biological aspects through various processes, to remove pollutants and produce an environmentally safely treated wastewater, SES Smart Energy Solutions is creating a unique customer experience by managing liquid waste generated from domestic or industrial processes, being manufacturing or chemical to allow for recycling, reuse or convenient disposal of liquids after treatment.


Our mobile chilling system, whether on sale or rental is made available to support our customer at critical times. 

Be leveraging our expertise, go-to-market and end to end supply chain, we are bringing cooling solutions or various sizes and features to support our customers at key times.