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We understand the dynamic & diverse energy demands of different industries.

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As a world wide distributor of supplies we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get all the materials.

Why Us?

We understand the dynamic & diverse energy demands of different industries.

This is why, at SES Smart Energy Solution, our power plants components can be put together to provide flexibility, speed & efficiency for a variety of applications to meet customer needs irrespective of size, complexity or customization required.

The solution is available in sale & rental with a services offering that covers technical resources, spare parts, overhauls and upgrades, and routine maintenance. When thinking of your power needs, always consider what we can provide.


Diesel-Generators-Projects-of-SES-Smart Energy solutions

Key Benefits


Optional Soundproof Canopies rated for 55 C

Custom Configuration

Project Adaptation with Financial Considerations

Plug & Play

Easy Integration & Mobility to Deploy & Install

Scalable Solutions

5 -> 100 MW & Vol up to 33KV

Advanced Technologies

Smart Monitoring & Reduced Emissions Technologies

Flexible Durations

Fast Mobilization | Short/Long Term Projects


We have been providing our generators on sale of new, used or refurbished, as well as rental basis, including their services, operations and remote monitoring for years.

Thanks to our large fleet of more than 500MW, and variety of generator sizes, SES Smart Energy Solution has been successful in completing more than 5000 projects of various sizes supporting more than 500 satisfied customers within its region.

With our generators fleet, we can address various needs in terms of size (MWs ) and voltages. It is always Energy on Demand.

With a wide variety, our generators vary from 80KVA all the way up to 1250KVA, servicing all industries including utilities.


Being one of the most critical electrical components, SES Smart Energy Solutions owns a wide fleet of transformers in both open and containerized types, allowing for maximum customer support depending on site conditions and expectations.

Our open type transformers are available in different sizes ranging from 1500KVA to 5000 KVA, while the containerized type are available from 2500 to 6000KVA.

In addition, high power 30MVVA 11/33 KVA transformers are available to support additional needs. On each and every opportunity, transformers are available to ensure the reliable operations of our customers so they focus on their own operations, while we manage their power needs.


In all power generation needs, controlling, protecting and isolating devices are all heavily needed. This is why, at SES Smart Energy Solutions, we have invested in a wide fleet of switchgears, allowing us to provide a solution that our customers need to allow them to operate, maintain, protect, control and connect their power plants to the grid with our support.

Our switchgears are available in both open-air and containerized, allowing our RMUs to play their role in power supply network.

Available in a wide range, our switchgears can be provided up to 4000 A.

This is our Energy on Demand offering.

Load Banks

Thanks to our long term presence within the energy sector, SES Smart Energy Solutions invested and continued to grow its wide range of components, as the need increases to support our customers in their pursue for reliability, availability and efficiency.

Our load banks have always been made available in different kinds including active and reactive, resistive and electronic, and for DC, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage.

Since load banks are not frequently used on sites, relying on our fleet to support customer needs on rental basis becomes essential.

Our load banks can support various power needs.


The reliability of distribution requires reliable components. For that, at SES Smart Energy Solutions, we have invested in a wide variety of distribution panels ranging from 32 to 4000 A, as a configurable bus-bar, whether as distribution or sub-distribution panels allowing for multiple inputs and outputs.

The features of auto transfer or manual, add to the flexibility of the switches within these panels for maximum reliability and operating flexibility.

Energy on Demand continues at SES Smart Energy Solutions thanks to our turnkey solutions.

Fuel Tanks

Because every generator requires its fuel tanks, SES Smart Energy Solutions invested in a wide range of fuel management system, where the fuel tanks along with the fuel monitoring system can be made available in every project allowing us to support our customers with a turnkey solution while ensuring our customers’ operations continue without any interruption.


Because we want to ensure we cover it all, SES Smart Energy Solutions owns a big range of cables, whether as low voltage cables or medium voltage cables, in various dimensions, allowing our solution to be provided on turnkey basis, hustle free to our customers, without the worries of these items that could have a long lead time, and would impact the connectivity.